Hubspot CRM Review

Hubspot CRM Review

New Zealand is consistently ranked as one of the easiest countries to start and grow a business in. That, however, does not mean that it is easy to sustain a business as well. With cutthroat competition in most of the industries, you have to always be on top of your game in order to not just sustain your business but to grow it as well. The best way to do so is to value each and every client and nurture each and every business relationship.

With an expanding customer base, CRM becomes a necessity for small as well as large businesses. If you are also experiencing the dearth of effective CRM tool, then this post will be quite useful for you. Today, we will shed some light on Hubspot CRM to help you better understand what this CRM tool can do for your business.

Hubspot CRM features:

We will begin this Hubspot CRM review with the features.

•Free entry into the CRM world: Unlike most of the other CRM tools, Hubspot provides you with a free version of the CRM software. Most of the other tools which provide you with free access have built-in restrictions which force you to have an upgrade pretty soon. This is where Hubspot differs from the rest. In the free version itself, you can store up to 1 million contacts and also there is no expiry date or user limit. This makes it one of the most comprehensive CRM tools which provide you free access.

•Hubspot templates: This is the feature which is perfect for small businesses like yours. Whether you’re looking for a landing page templates or email templates or blog templates, Hubspot offers them all. Thus, you will be able to kick-start your online presence without paying for each and every template separately. These small expenses add up significantly for smaller businesses. That is why; such savings can give you an edge over the competition.

•Academy: The Hubspot Academy helps you in training your employees as well as familiarizing yourself with the various features and even provides you with an active forum to ask questions to the community. Thus, using the tool becomes easier for yourself as well as your employees.

•Hubspot for start-ups: New Zealand is fast becoming a hot spot for start-ups. This is where Hubspot really benefits you. It is offering 90% discount for seed stage start-ups who match their criteria and 50% for eligible series A’start-ups.

•Click to call: As soon as you enter the client information in Hubspot CRM, you can call them through the system and record the entire call. The built-in click to call system has a huge advantage as it helps you automate a couple of crucial processes. Moreover, the call is timestamped on the client timeline. This helps you improve customer service and remain in touch with your clients.

What Hubspot does really well?

Now that you are familiar with the features, we will highlight what Hubspot is doing well. One thing which you cannot deny if you have used a Hubspot CRM before is that it has a simple to understand dashboard. You will not have to spend days just to get your head around the dashboard. In addition to that, the contact management features like click to call and email tracking help you synchronize all your CRM activities in a single dashboard. Above all of this, it has lived up to its name and has tailored credibility which helps businesses trust Hubspot with their CRM activities.

What does Hubspot not do well?

With that being said, Hubspot has its own shortcomings as well. It is not all hunky-dory. One of the main problems which users have faced is that the Outlook integration is not seamless. Also, as compared to some of the other tools, the email templates that are provided are limited. In most of the cases, however, the problems arise only in the free model of Hubspot. The paid subscriptions are much better.

Hubspot CRM Pricing:

By now, you are already aware that Hubspot CRM suite offers you a free version. It is not just a temporary solution but the indefinite CRM solution which you can use for a longer period of time. In addition to that, there are also paid subscriptions which you can utilize.

The starter level costs around $ 50 per month. The basic level starts at $ 200 per month and the professional is all the way up to $ 800 per month with the enterprise one being the largest subscription at $ 2400 per month. All the subscriptions are billed on an annual basis. The stark difference between Hubspot and other CRM software is that Hubspot does not limit the number of users in each subscription. The difference between the different subscription levels is based on the features rather than the number of users. This is highly unusual and also allows businesses to choose the subscription as per the features needed rather than the number of users.

This makes Hubspot different compared to other CRM software providers. It almost makes it an A la carte tool where you can easily choose the subscription depending on the features which you need. This is especially useful for smaller businesses who do not want to spend a significant amount of money on CRM tools.


In a nutshell, Hubspot is the perfect option for small businesses that are short on staff but want to ensure that their customers get proper customer support. With the help of Hubspot, you will be able to take your CRM activities to all new level without having to hire extra employees.